10 Best Upstate New York Elopement Locations

If you’re looking for the best Upstate New York elopement locations, I’ve got you covered! As an Upstate New York elopement photographer, I’ve gotten to capture many beautiful and adventurous love stories all over the place! I know how important it is to come up with the best elopement location because that sets the tone for your whole elopement day – what the vibes are going to be like, the backdrops, the activities you get to do and so much more.

So to make choosing your Upstate New York elopement location a little easier, I’ve created this overview for you. Let’s dive into it!

10 Best Upstate New York Elopement Locations

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First on the list is Albany, the beautiful capital of New York. Albany offers a mix of city and natural landscapes for your elopement day. The Pine Bush Preserve provides a serene, natural setting with its unique inland pine ecosystem, ideal for couples who want a simple yet beautiful outdoor ceremony. You can also elope in a courthouse and hit the downtown areas for a touch of history and urban vibes for your photos. You can also always do both!


Saratoga Springs, renowned for its vibrant atmosphere and historic charm, is a great choice for your New York elopement. It offers a beautiful blend of culture, history, and nature with picturesque garden settings, making it the perfect backdrop for a romantic elopement. Plus, this charming town offers so many things to do including concerts at SPAC and a day at the Saratoga Race Course.

Catskill Mountains

The Catskills are a dreamy location for outdoorsy couples, offering lush forests and stunning waterfalls. Kaaterskill Falls, with its two-tiered cascade, offers a dramatic and picturesque setting for your elopement ceremony. Alternatively, roam around the vast forest trails and stumble upon the beautiful ponds and lakes covering the area.

close up of bride and groom in a lush green field in upstate new york

Hudson Valley

Hudson Valley is well known for its scenic beauty and romantic atmosphere with all the pristine lakes, cute town, and rolling hills. Imagine an elopement ceremony overlooking the Hudson River or amidst the ancient ruins of Bannerman Castle on Pollepel Island. The valley offers a mix of historic estates and natural wonders, perfect for your New York elopement.

Lake George

Known as the “Queen of American Lakes,” Lake George is a popular destination for couples seeking a mix of natural beauty and vibrant town life. There are many elopement location options within the Lake George area, like Mount Jo, Whiteface Mountain, or Mirror Lake.

If you’re planning to elope in Lake George, I’ve created this Lake George elopement guide to help you plan! 

Keene Valley

Tucked away in the heart of the Adirondacks, Keene Valley is a hidden gem known for its breathtaking scenery and charming small-town feel. Here you’ll find a mix of water and mountain views, and many more beautiful options for your elopement backdrop. Shelving Rock Falls provides a picturesque waterfall setting, while Bolton Landing offers lakeside charm with Adirondack mountains in the background. Prospect Mountain is another excellent choice!

If you’re looking for inspiration for your big day here, check out Mindy and David’s Keene Valley elopement here

bride and groom during their upstate new york elopement at lake george

Saranac Lake

Surrounded by forested mountains and serene waters, Saranac Lake offers a picturesque and peaceful setting for your Upstate New York elopement. The village’s charming, small-town vibe adds a warm, welcoming atmosphere, making it perfect for couples seeking a low-key yet beautiful location.

Tupper Lake

Tupper Lake, nestled in the Adirondacks, is an ideal spot for couples looking for a more secluded and private setting. The lake is surrounded by dense forests and rugged mountains, offering a sense of isolation and peacefulness that’s hard to find elsewhere.

Adirondack Mountains

The Adirondack Mountains offer a plethora of secluded spots, from high peaks to hidden forests. Whether you’re looking for a mountaintop ceremony with sweeping views or a quiet, wooded area, there is something for everyone!

If you plan to elope in the Adirondacks, I have also created an Adirondack elopement guide for you here!

bride and groom during their upstate new york elopement

The Finger Lakes

The Finger Lakes region is known for its vineyards and lakeside spots, offering a blend of rustic charm and natural beauty. Vineyard elopements here combine the elegance of wine country with the casual, intimate feel of a small ceremony. Lakeside locations provide a nice, picturesque setting with the waters and rolling hills as the backdrop for your elopement.

Ready for Your Upstate New York Elopement?

Now that you know the best Upstate New York elopement locations, it’s time to find your elopement photographer. If you want more information on my Upstate New York Elopement packages, let me know! I’d love to help you plan out your entire Iceland elopement experience!

If you’d like to learn more about how to get legally married in New York, and get other helpful resources and elopement inspiration, visit my blog!

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