Summer Elopement Ideas in the Adirondacks 

Imagine this: lush greenery, tranquil lakes, and that awesome summer vibe setting the perfect scene for your special day. Whether you’re dreaming of a quiet spot by the water or an adventurous hike to exchange vows with epic views, I’ve got you! In this blog, I’ll cover fun Summer elopement ideas and tips to make your elopement day unforgettable!

Summer Elopement in the Adirondacks

The Adirondacks are known for their warm and comfortable daytime temperatures, ranging from 70°F to 80°F. Mornings and evenings can be cooler, perfect for a sunrise hike or cozying up by a campfire at the end of your day. While the region is mostly sunny, Mother Nature can still be very unpredictable during any season, especially around mountain areas.

Summertime is a very busy season in the Adirondacks, with people coming there to enjoy their holidays and all the fun festivals happening in the area. To avoid crowds, I recommend eloping on a weekday and opting for a sunset or sunrise ceremony.

If you plan to elope between late May and mid-July, watch out for the Black Fly season! You can still absolutely get eloped during this time of the year; you just need to take extra precautions to make it a bug-free experience! As always, making sure you have proper protection against ticks is key!

bride and groom Adirondack elopement ceremony, both exchanging private vows

Best Elopement Location Ideas in ADK

The Adirondacks are home to many stunning elopement locations! Here are some of my favorite spots to consider for your summer elopement!

Lake Placid

Tucked away in the High Peaks region, Lake Placid is known for its gorgeous lakes and quaint village charm. With its breathtaking mountain views and clear waters, it presents the perfect setting for a lakeside elopement.

Saranac Lake

A short drive from Lake Placid, Saranac Lake provides a quieter, more intimate atmosphere. With all the lakes and scenic hiking paths to choose from, it’s a dream for those who adore the outdoors. Consider exchanging vows at the secluded Ampersand Bay Resort or on the shores of Lower Saranac Lake.

Keene Valley

Keene Valley is a secret treasure tucked away in the heart of the Adirondacks, known for its stunning landscapes and quaint, small-town feel. This picturesque spot offers various outdoor settings, from panoramic mountain views to private estates. Consider a mountaintop ceremony at Rooster Comb or a rustic barn wedding at the Keene Valley Lodge.

Lake George

Known as the “Queen of American Lakes,” Lake George is a popular destination for couples seeking a mix of natural beauty and vibrant town life. The lake offers a wide variety of venues, from waterfront resorts to historical estates. Consider a boat elopement on the calm waters of the lake or a ceremony at the stunning Inn at Erlowest.

bride and groom exchanging rings

Fun Hiking Trails for Your Summer Elopement in The Adirondacks

If you’re up for a hike for your elopement day, here are some nice trails to consider!

Mount Jo, Lake Placid: A short hike with rewarding views, ideal for a sunrise or sunset ceremony.

Cobble Hill: Also in Lake Placid, this is a relatively easy hike with a stunning view of Mirror Lake and the village.

Owls Head in Keene Valley: This is a nice, steady hike with gorgeous forest views!

Baxter Mountain – Easy hike with beautiful views. Perfect for couples who still want a mountain view with a simple hike!

Summer Elopement Activity Ideas in the Adirondacks

Don’t feel like hiking on your elopement day? No worries! Here are some fun summer elopement activity ideas to make your elopement day even more special!

  • Go on a private boat tour on Lake Placid or Lake George (A must-do in summer, offering beautiful views and a way to escape the crowds).
  • Enjoy a romantic picnic.
  • Go stargazing (the clear summer skies offer a truly breathtaking view of the stars!)
  • Go horseback riding.
  • Go golfing! Top of the World in Lake George is a personal favorite!

If you’re looking for even more ideas for elopement activities, check out my blog here!

bride and groom enjoying a picnic together for their Adirondack summer elopement

What to Pack for Your Adirondack Summer Elopement

The packing list will vary from couple to couple, and I always help my clients figure out what to bring with them for their particular elopement day. However, these are some basics I recommend to ensure you stay safe, warm, and comfortable during your Spring elopement in the Adirondacks!

  • Waterproof hiking boots
  • Wedding attire (if you’re not hiking in it)
  • First aid kit
  • Downloaded map for offline use
  • A sturdy backpack for all the goods you bring
  • Water
  • Snacks
  • Bug spray and sunscreen
  • Headlamps
bride and groom going on a hike together for their Adirondack summer elopement

Let’s Plan Your Summer Elopement in The Adirondacks Together!

Eloping in the Adirondacks during summer is a truly wonderful experience! Whether it’s the serene lakes, majestic mountains, or quaint villages, the region offers many options for every couple. I hope this blog has provided you with plenty of summer elopement ideas to make your day perfect!

And if you’re looking for an Adirondack elopement photographer to help you plan and capture your day from beginning to end – I’m just a message away! I can’t wait to hear from you! 

And if you’re looking for more Adirondack elopement planning resources, check out the rest of my blog!

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